CESPC-6 – Central European Symposium on Plasma Chemistry


The 6th Central European Symposium on Plasma Chemistry (CESPC – 6) was held in Bressanone, Italy from the 6th to the 10th September 2015.

Prof. Vittorio Colombo, Dr. Matteo Gherardi and Dr. Marco Boselli participated to the conference bringing our contribution:

Investigation of the efficacy of plasma gun decontamination of realistic root canal models for endodontic applications (oral presentation)

Investigation of the antimicrobial activity at safe levels for eukaryotic cells of a low power atmospheric pressure inductively coupled plasma source (poster presentation)

Surface characterization of plasma‐polymerized polyacrylic acid thin film deposited by means of a nanosecond pulsed plasma jet (oral presentation)

Chemical composition and post‐discharge antimicrobial properties of water exposed to a nanosecond pulsed plasma (poster presentation)

Multi‐diagnostic investigation of a non‐equilibrium atmospheric pressure plasma jet driven by nanosecond voltage pulses in free‐flow configuration and while imping on different substrates (oral presentation)

An experimental and computational study of the interaction between the jet of an ICP torch and a cylindrical substrate (poster presentation)

Modelling of copper nanoparticle synthesis by a radio‐frequency induction thermal plasma (poster presentation)