The whole IAP group participated to the “Research@DIMSAI” event

The event Research@DIMSAI was held in the Aula Magna of the School of Engineering and Architecture of Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna the 23 October 2017.
The student of PhD Course in Mechanics and Advanced Engineering Sciences (DIMSAI) were invited to present their research topic to other department members and to representatives from industrial companies.
Our PhD students contributed with their presentations:
Filippo Capelli (1st year) “Integrated design of atmospheric pressure non-equilibrium plasma sources for industrial and biomedical applications” (poster presentation)
Federica Barletta (1st year) “Design and optimization of processes assisted by plasma for the codeposition of biocomposite coatings for drug delivery” (poster presentation)
Tommaso Gallingani (1st year) “Physical and engineering design of optimized processes assisted by atmospheric non-equilibrium plasmas for surface modification of polymeric materials” (poster presentation)
Emanuele Simoncelli (3rd year) “Development and characterization of a plasma gun source for biomedical applications” (oral presentation)
Enrico Traldi (3rd year) “Synthesis and characterization of high added value materials by means of equilibrium and non-equilibrium plasmas” (oral presentation)

Official program of the event: link

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