Agosto 2013 archive

Fifth Central European Symposium on Plasma Chemistry (5th CESPC)

Fifth Central European Symposium on Plasma Chemistry (5th CESPC) has been held in Balatonalm√°di, Hungary, 25-29 August 2013.

Our oral contribution to the conference:

  • M. Boselli – Influence of reaction chamber geometry on fullerene synthesis in RF inductively coupled thermal plasmas.

International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry 2013

The 21st International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry (ISPC21) has been held in Cairns, Australia, from 4 to 9 August 2013.

Our contributions span from modelling of thermal plasma processes for arc welding and nanoparticle synthesis to experimental activities related to new applications of non-thermal plasmas at atmospheric pressure.

Go to IPCS website to download ISPC21 conference proceedings.

Our oral contributions:

  1. Atmospheric plasma surface modification of electrospun poly(l-lactic acid) effect on mat properties and cell culturing.
  2. Plasma-assisted electrospinning: the many facets of a process.
  3. Modelling for the optimization of the reaction chamber in silicon nanoparticle synthesis by a radio- frequency induction thermal plasma.
  4. Prediction of fume formation in a pulsed gas metal arc welding process by means of a 2D time-dependent arc model coupled with nanoparticle tracking.
  5. Investigation of a constant current plasma arc welding process by means of two-temperature modelling and optical emission spectroscopy.

Our poster contributions:

  1. Optimization of curtain gas injection position and flow rate in a conical reaction chamber for Si nanoparticle synthesis by inductively coupled thermal plasmas.
  2. Control of nanoparticle size in RF thermal plasma synthesis of silicon oxide starting from solid and liquid precursors.
  3. Investigation of Silicon nanoparticles synthesis in the downstream region of a DC non-transferred arc plasma torch by three-dimensional modelling.
  4. Atmospheric pressure non-thermal plasma cleaning of 19th century daguerreotypes.
  5. Parametric study on the effectiveness of treatment of polyethylene (PE) foils for pharmaceutical packaging with a large area atmospheric pressure plasma source.
  6. Comparison of localized treatment effectiveness on biocompatible glass with different atmospheric pressure plasma sources.
  7. Increasing cell viability of 3D scaffolds for tissue engineering by means of an atmospheric pressure plasma jet.
  8. Pressure dependence of line-by-line calculation of argon plasma net emission coefficient.
  9. Evaluation of precursor evaporation in Si nano-particle synthesis by radio-frequency induction thermal plasmas.
  10. Study of the effect on human mesenchymal and epithelial cells of an atmospheric pressure plasma source driven by different voltage waveforms.
  11. Experimental investigation on the effects of the gas mixtures in plasma arc cutting of stainless steel.
  12. Characterization of a plasma jet for biomedical applications: composition, temperature, fluid dynamics and plasma structure.
  13. Study of the role of dielectric material in a dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) plasma source for dermatological application.
  14. High speed imaging characterization of a Dielectric Barrier Discharge Roller plasma source.
  15. High-speed imaging investigation of transient phenomena impacting plasma arc cutting process optimization.
  16. Effect of atmospheric pressure on non-equilibrium plasma treatment on poly-l-lactic acid electrospinnability.
  17. Study of the effect of atmospheric pressure plasma treatment on electrospinnability of poly-L-lactic acid solutions: voltage waveform effect.
  18. RF inductively coupled thermal plasma synthesis of ceramic nanoparticles for the production of Al-based metal matrix nanocomposites.