Novembre 2013 archive

FARB grant awarded for project PLASMAT

PLASMAT – Plasma-assisted preparation and modification of molecular and macromolecular materials for biomedical, pharmaceutical and energy applications

The project PLASMAT is funded by Alma Mater Studiorum – Universit√† di Bologna in the framework of the programme “Finanziamento di Ateneo per la Ricerca di Base (FARB) – Linea 2”.

Located at the common frontiers of chemistry, material science and engineering, PLASMAT investigates cold atmospheric pressure non-equilibrium plasma (CAP) interaction with molecular and macromolecular materials in both solid and liquid phase and aims at providing fundamental knowledge for the development and support of a wide range of applications.

The interdisciplinary nature of the project is mirrored by the synergic and complementary structure of the research team: Prof. Vittorio Colombo – group for Industrial Applications of Plasmas; Dr. Maria Letizia Focarete – Polymer Science group; Dr. Davide Fabiani – Electrical Materials group, Prof. Fabrizia Grepioni and Dr. Lucia Maini – Crystal Engineering group.