Ottobre 2014 archive

COST MP1101 Bioplasma meeting in Paris – October 2014

COST MP1101 Bioplasma meeting has been held in Paris from 13 to 14 October 2014.

Our contribution:

Dr. Stancampiano – Mass spectrometry analysis of coupled and uncoupled mode in a Gatling-gun like plasma source

Report on the COST MP1101 Bioplasma Short Term Scientific Mission carried out in July 2014 at the Institute of Physics Belgrade (Serbia), in collaboration with the research group of prof. Zoran Petrovic. The presented unedited results, achieved by mean of mass spectrometry and iCCD analysis, shed new light on the cold atmospheric plasma jet-to-jet coupling phenomenon.

H2020 grant awarded for project INSPIRED

INSPIRED – INdustrial Scale Production of Innovative nanomateRials for printEd Devices

The European Commission, DIRECTORATE-GENERAL FOR RESEARCH & INNOVATION has funded (19.9.2014) the H2020-NMP-PILOTS-2014, project 646155 – INSPIRED.

The Department of Industrial Engineering (DIN) of the University of Bologna will participate to INSPIRED through the research group for Industrial Applications of Plasmas (IAP).