Dicembre 2014 archive

2014/15 course of Industrial Applications of Plasmas December guests

During the 2014/15 course of “Industrial Applications of Plasmas” high qualified speakers have been invited to present their researches on plasma related topics:
Prof. Pietro Favia, from University of Bari, held the seminar “Plasma Processes for Life Sciences”;
Prof. Eric Robert, from GREMI laboratory- University of Orleans, held the seminar “Biomedical Application of Non-thermal Plasmas”;
Prof.ssa Maria Paola Landini, from University of Bologna, held the seminar “Microbiology and Plasmas”;
Dr. Alessandro Patelli (photo), from Veneto Nanotech & Nadir s.r.l companies, held the seminar “Atmospheric Pressure Plasma as a New Tool for Cultural Heritage”.
We thank them all for visiting our class and laboratories.