Giugno 2015 archive

Further information on the INSPIRED project now online

IAP groups is one of the 13 partners of the project INSPIRED, acronym for “INdustrial Scale Production of Innovative nanomateRials for printEd Devices”, which is funded within the HORIZON 2020 EU research and innovation programme.

Information on the INSPIRED project and updates on developments can be found at the dedicated website:

The focus of the INSPIRED project is to fundamentally improve the current understanding of Printed Electronics (PE). PE is set to revolutionise the electronics industry over the next decade and can offer Europe the opportunity to regain lost market share. It allows for the direct printing of a range of functional (conducting, semi-conducting and dielectric) nanomaterials formulations to enable a simpler, more cost-effective, high performance and high volume processing in comparison to traditional printed circuit board and semiconductor manufacturing techniques. Presently, there are issues with industrial supply of nanomaterials which are low cost, high performance, environmentally friendly and tailored for high throughput systems.

The INSPIRED project will address these fundamental issues within the printed electronics industry by ensuring that suitable functional nanomaterials formulations (inks) are available for end users in industrial scale quantities.

The global objective of the INSPIRED project is to demonstrate the synthesis and functionalisation of nanomaterials for printing applications with high process throughput. This will be achieved through development of high performance, cost-effective nanomaterial formulations in a range of commercial applications in relevant industrial environments against free web cam porn posting the relevant industrial standards and end user applications.



Dr. Milena Fini and Dr. Elena Della Bella came to visit our laboratories

Dr. Milena Fini and Dr. Elena Della Bella from “Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli” of Bologna came to visit IAP group laboratories.

ICOPS 2015 – International Conference on Plasma Science

The 42nd IEEE International Conference on Plasma Science (ICOPS) was held in Belek, Antalya (Turkey) from the 24th to the 28th May 2015.

Prof. Vittorio Colombo, Dr. Matteo Gherardi, Anna Liguori and Enrico Traldi participated to the conference bringing our contribution:

Mass spectroscopy and iccd analysis of coupled and uncoupled mode in a gatling-gun like plasma source (poster presentation)

Characterization and evaluation of bactericidal effect and cytocompatibility of a low power ICP source for biomedical applications (oral presentation)

Investigation of antibacterial efficacy of a plasma gun source for endodontic applications (oral presentation)

An experimental and computational study of the interaction between the jet of an ICP torch and a cylidrical substrate (poster presentation)

Characterization of a cold atmospheric pressure plasma jet driven by nanosecond high-voltage pulses (oral presentation)

Crosslinking of water-soluble pullulan nanofibrous mats through atmospheric plasma treatment (oral presentation)

Atmospheric pressure non-thermal plasma for the production of composite materials (oral presentation)


FLTPD XI – 11th Frontiers in Low Temperature Plasma Diagnostics


The 11th biennial Frontiers in Low Temperature Plasma Diagnostic (FLTPD) workshop was held in Porquerolles Island (France) from the 24th to the 28th May 2015.

Our contribution:
– Advanced investigation of the interaction between a plasma jet and a liquid surface: influence of electrical and fluid dynamic parameters (oral presentation)

– Advanced investigation of the interaction between a plasma jet and a liquid surface: influence of atmosphere and substrate composition (poster presentation)

Our members Augusto Stancampiano and Emanuele Simoncelli participated to the conference together with Neda Siadati coauthor of both presented works.