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Prof. Maher Boulos has been awarded with the Plasma Chemistry Award (PCA)


In antwerp during the ISPC22, prof. Maher Boulos has been awarded with the Plasma Chemistry Award (PCA) by the International Plasma Chemistry Society for his successful career in the field of plasma science and applications.

Prof. Colombo has been elected as new president of the International Plasma Chemistry Society

In Antwerp during the ISPC22, Vittorio Colombo, our group leader,
has been unanimously elected by the Board of Directors as new president of the International Plasma Chemistry Society (IPCS) with his term beginning 1.1.2016.


ISPC 22 -22nd International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry

The 22nd International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry (ISPC 22) was held in Antwerp, Belgium from the 5th to the 10th July 2015.

The entire IAP group participated to the conference!
Our contribution to the symposium:

Effective deposition of plasma-polymerized polyacrylic acid thin film by means of a plasma jet driven by nanosecond high voltage pulses (oral presentation)

– Chemical analysis of reactive species and phenol degradation induced in static water by a DBD reactor driven by nanosecond pulses (oral presentation)

Atmospheric pressure non-thermal plasma for imparting water resistance properties to pullulan electrospun non-woven mats (poster presentation)

– Characterization of a cold nanopulsed plasma jet in free-flow configuration and imping on different substrates (poster presentation)

– Mass spectrometry and iccd analysis of coupled and uncoupled mode in a gatling-gun like plasma source (poster presentation)

– An experimental and computational study of the interaction between the jet of an ICP torch and a cylidrical substrate (poster presentation)

– In vivo investigation on the effects of plasma activated water against plant pathogenic bacteria (poster presentation)

– Advanced investigation of electrical and fluid-dynamic parameters on a nanopulsed plasma jet impinging on a liquid substrate (poster presentation)

– Investigation of the antimicrobial activity at safe levels for eukaryotic cells of a low power atmospheric pressure inductively coupled plasma source (poster presentation)

– Effective decontamination of soft reline-based oral cancer shutters by means of non-thermal atmospheric plasma (poster presentation)

– Investigation of antibacterial efficacy of a plasma gun source for endodontic applications (poster presentation)

– Effects of operating pressure on the cathode surface temperature and current profile in a plasma arc cutting torch (poster presentation)

More information about the ISPC 22 conference can be found on the official website

Some photos of our members during the conference: