Ottobre 2015 archive

Paolo Sanibondi

He was born in Italy in 1983. He received the Master’s degree in 2007 in Energy Engineering from the University of Bologna and then got the Ph. D. in 2011 from the Department of Mechanical Engineering (DIEM) of the University of Bologna in the field of Industrial Applications of Thermal Plasmas. From 2011 to 2014 he has been post-doc researcher on plasma modelling and diagnostics at the University of Bologna.

Announcement of the 2nd International Workshop on Plasma & Micro Structure

Prof. Colombo as invited speaker to the ICRP9 / GEC68 / SPP33 conference

Prof. Colombo attends as an invited speaker the 68th Annual Gaseous Electronics Conference held jointly with 9th Annual International Conference on Reactive Plasma & 33rd Symposium on Plasma Processing in Honolulu (USA) the 12-16 October 2015.

Title of his presentation:
“Atmospheric non-equilibrium plasma sources and processes with a focus on plasma medicine and antibacterial applications”

Further information about the conference are available at the official website: link