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Four Universities (Bologna, Ghent, Bochum, Brescia) and italians, russian, egyptian…All for plasmas!

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“Cold plasmas in contact with liquid: from physics to technology” – Lecture by Anton Nikiforov will be held at the Institute of Advanced Studies, University of Bologna

On Feb 07, 2017 from 05:30 pm to 07:30 pm in Sala Rossa, Palazzo Marchesini, via Marsala 26, Bologna (first floor), Professor Anton Nikiforov from the Ghent University, Belgium, will held the ISA Lecture “Cold plasmas in contact with liquid: from physics to technology”. The visit of Prof. Nikiforov is organized by Prof. Colombo.

Theme of the lecture: One of the most challenging environmental problems nowadays is a development of effective and sustainable water treatment processes. An overview of the current status and limitations of both conventional and advanced water treatment systems is given and explained in detail, with a focus on their performance on micropollutant removal. Advanced oxidation techniques take a promising place in the quest for micropollutant removal, as they appear the most effective methods for decomposition of bio-recalcitrant organics. Water treatment by means of electrical discharges takes a promising place amongst the advanced oxidation techniques, as it can generate a wide spectrum of oxidative species and processes in proximity of the solution under treatment. Several plasma technologies are discussed that can be applied in water treatment. An overview of our research of both direct and indirect techniques, with a strong emphasis on plasma reactor types for direct water treatment and their energy efficiency is given. A synergetic plasma reactor with additional adsorption and ozonation is discussed in more detail, as an example of effective water treatment system. Demonstration of the reactor performance for removal of 12 micropollutants is presented by means of chemical (HPLC-TOSMS, GC-MS) and toxicity tests. Perspectives of the plasma technology in water treatment field are clarified and emphasized.

Professor Colombo is organizing the Symposium “Advanced Plasma Processes for Biomedical Applications” at the ESB 2017

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Prof. Colombo, Prof. Favia from University of Bari and Prof. Rimondini from University of Eastern Piedmont are organizing the Special Symposium “Advanced plasma processes for biomedical applications” at the 28th Annual Conference of the European Society for Biomaterials (ESB), which will be held in Athens, Greece, in September 4-8 2017.


Theme of the Symposium: Non-equilibrium electrical discharges in gases (recently, also in liquids), known as also Cold Plasmas, can be ignited at low and at atmospheric pressure. Since decades these systems result extremely appealing for research and applications in the biomedical field. Established applications of Cold Plasmas ranges from tailoring biological relevant surface properties of biomaterials with no alteration of the bulk (hydrophilic/phobic character, cytocompatibility, bacterial-repellence, functionalization with chemical/biological moieties, etc.) to the sterilization of materials. Recent advances include the therapeutic uses of cold plasmas in direct contact with living tissues for wound healing, surgery, dentistry and cancer treatments. This ESB symposium includes: a tutorial introduction on Cold Plasma processes for Biomedical Applications by the chairs, three invited talks delivered by well known experts, four regular talks and posters.

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More information about the Symposium can be found on the official webpage: http://www.esb2017.org/special-symposia