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Prof. Vittorio Colombo, Dr. Matteo Gherardi, Dr. Romolo Laurita and Dr. Eleonora Turrini participated to the ICPM7

The 7th International Conference on Plasma Medicine is held in Philadelphia, USA on June 17-22, 2018.

Prof. Vittorio Colombo, Dr. Matteo Gherardi, Dr. Romolo Laurita and Dr. Eleonora Turrini participate bringing our contributions:

  • Cold Atmospheric pressure Plasma (CAP) treatment to assist the restoration of apical region of root canal in endodontic procedures  (oral presentation)
  • Cold atmospheric plasma assisted deposition of nanostructured coatings to reduce biofilm adhesion and proliferation (oral presentation)
  • Non-thermal plasma as an innovative anticancer strategy on leukemia models (oral presentation)
  • Use of the plasma activated water as plant defense enhancer (oral presentation)
  • Development of cold atmospheric plasma (CAP) functionalized membranes for the selective capture of adipose-derived mesenchymal stromal/stem cells (poster presentation)
  • Cold atmospheric pressure plasma for the crosslinking of drug-loaded gelatin films for buccal drug delivery (poster presentation)
  • AlmaIDEA project: chemo-physical and biological mechanisms behind the antitumor activity of plasma activated liquids for the treatment of peritoneal carcinosis from primitive epithelial ovarian/tubal tumor (poster presentation)
  • Correlation between the concentration of reactive species produced by a Surface Barrier Discharge plasma source and its antimicrobial effects (poster presentation).

Conference website

TECNO_EN-P was awarded at Research to Business 2018 – The International Platform for Innovation

TECNO EN-P’s video won the competition ‘lo Investo qui’ for the category Science for Life, held at Research to Business 2018 – The International Platform for Innovation.

IAP Group participated to the POR-FESR Project TECNO-EN_P.
TECNO_EN-P: sistema abilitante per generare “smart materials” applicabili in dispositivi biomedicali per rimozione selettiva di cellule e di sostanze solubili o in sospensione in liquidi biologici (

Further information on Research to Business 2018 can be found on the website

Prof. Vittorio Colombo joined the Editorial Board of Plasma Research Express

Representing a new addition to IOP’s world-leading plasmas portfolio, Plasma Research Express (PREX) is a broad, multidisciplinary journal devoted to publishing new experimental and theoretical research covering all areas of fundamental, engineering and applied plasma science at low and high temperatures.

The journal is committed to fast review and publication of research in all areas of plasma science, including interdisciplinary fields, and operates a transparent editorial selection and feedback process focused on the scientific rigour of the work.

Further information on the Journal and its Editorial Board are available on the websites:

IAP Group participated to the POR-FESR project Tecno_EN-P