Settembre 2019 archive

New paper accepted for publication on Plasma, MDPI Open Access Journals

The new paper: ” Experimental investigation on the influence of target physical
properties on an impinging plasma jet” by Simoncelli, Stancampiano, Boselli,
Gherardi, Colombo has been accepeted for publication on Plasma MDPI Open Access Journals, Special Issue “Low Temperature Plasma Jets: Physics, Diagnostics and Applications”.

The IAP group joined the “Research group on gynecologic neoplasms”

The IAP group is part of the team that established the “Research group on gynecologic neoplasms (Centro di Studio e Ricerca sulle Neoplasie Ginecologiche)”, whose aim is to bring togheter researchers of different fields (such as engineering, surgery, biology and genetics) to develop novel terapeutical approces for the treatment of gynecologic tumors.

New paper pubblished on Applied Sciences

The new paper: “Plasma and aerosols: challenges, opportunities and perspectives” by Stancampiano, Gallingani, Gherardi, Machala, Maguire, Colombo, Pouvesle, Robert has been pubblished on Applied Sciences, Special Issue “Progress in Spray Science and Technology”.