Maggio 2020 archive

New Paper accepted for publication ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

The new paper “Enhanced electrospinning of active organic fibers by plasma treatment on conjugated polymer solutions” by Fasano, Vito; Laurita, Romolo; Moffa, Maria; Gualandi, Chiara; Colombo, Vittorio; Gherardi, Matteo; Zussman, Eyal ;  Vasilyev, Gleb; Persano, Luana; Camposeo, Andrea; Focarete, Maria Letizia; Pisignano, Dario has been accepted for publication on ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces .

New paper accepted for Publication on Clinical Plasma Medicine

The new paper: “Cold atmospheric pressure plasma treatment to assist the restoration of the apical region of a root canal in endodontic procedures  ” by Alina Bisag, Michele Manzini, Emanuele Simoncelli, Augusto Stancampiano, Riccardo Tonini, Matteo Gherardi, Vittorio Colombo has been accepted for publication on Clinical Plasma Medicine, Elsevier

The special issue: papers by plenary and invited lecturers at the 24th International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry (ISPC 24), 9–14 June 2019, Naples, Italy has been published by Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing

The special issue, edited by Dott. Matteo Gherardi, is composed of peer-reviewed contributions from plenary speakers Achim von Keudell and Anne Bourdon and from invited speakers Julia Bandow, Maria Adriana Creatore, Vasco Guerra, Masaya Shigeta, Juan Pablo Trelles, Zdenko Machala and their coauthors.

The special issue papers will be available free of charge from May 11 to July 11, 2020.